Why Insidey's Better?

Secure and uptime guarantee

  • Ability to limit posts within your company, within your department, within your Group.
  • Ability to sync groups/circles with your employee directory.
  • Ability to integrate into other enterprise applications.
  • Customizable to your company enterprise communication requirements.
  • Keyword monitoring for compliance.
  • SSO, SSL

All docs and information are stored on your Google Drive under same

Google Apps and Google Cloud Platform SLA.

Native Google AppsIntegration

"Designed for Google Apps with full
integration and available i
Google Apps Marketplace"

Google GroupsIntegration

"Sync and use Google Groups as Circles,
Groups or Teamworks similar to G+
Communities or Circles"

Easy to Deploy

3 Deployment Options, you choose:




File SharingDon’t make copies!

"Just share and grant access to your
Google Drive Files.
Your files keep securely stored in your
Google Drive"

Multiple domainsin your Google Apps support

"Associate multiple domains in your Google Apps account with Insidey"

Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure CentricHigh availability and Secure:

"Google Cloud Platform + Google Apps
Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine,
Google Apps, Google Cloud Storage."

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