Boost your business to a new level

Our mission
is quite simple:

"Provide Google Apps users with an Enterprise Social Network natively integrated application that helps you empower your employees/co-workers and boost your business to a new level of efficiency".

Insidey was developed thinking of you who knows that embracing social business is your organization's future to be more competitive, who knows the importance of knowledge management and how this will set you apart from the competition.

Insidey is integrated to Google Apps and will give more power to your existing collaboration tools, a sophisticated people directory finder with extended profiles attributes, an easier way to find and share your resources and ideas, a clever way to organize, explore and find workteam´s conversations and secure your sensitive data.

was born?

Aeegle has been around the Google Apps business for more than 5 years, we've done from deployment to custom development and throughout all this time we have experienced how cloud computing has changed the way businesses run, but we've found there are still shortcomings in the tools they use, we have also noticed how businesses struggled to do their tasks and activities with those tools, but thanks to the comtinuous evolution of technology we can now help you bridge that gap.

With our experience in Google's technology we've been able to develop insidey from ground up, and with our global presence in more than five countries around the world, we are able to offer more than just a product: With Insidey your organization will also benefit from our cloud transformation, change management and support experience.

We are proud with of the final result, but we are also aware this is just the beginning of the journey and reinforces our commitemnt to continuous improvement by listening to the market and our customers.


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